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We connect food to foodies. Our food ordering platform also allows the FnB industry to digitize their operations while maintaining utmost food hygiene with our contact less feature.


About Foodiplace

Foodiplace is a food ordering platform that simplifies the food ordering process through digitization. Our system connects people to food and presents a platform for restaurants to promote their menu. We aim to establish a safer dining environment through contact-less food ordering services. 

We have developed a brand new concept in Nepal that came to reality following the COVID-19 pandemic. To help restaurants function, even during the strict lockdown, we came up with an idea to create a contact-less food ordering site that ensures maximum protection of your order against the COVID-19 transmission. 


COVID-19 caused the global economy to go on a complete standstill. But parallely it helped business realize the need of digital revolution. In this time and age, tech-dependency has risen to the maximum. Our lives run based on the touch of smartphone screens. In such a high-tech world, businesses are bound to get left behind if they do not seek a digital alternative.


Rashal Shrestha

Business Manager, Ramailo Mela Technologies

Featured Restaurants




Through digitization, we aim to simplify the dining experience. It takes a few taps on your smartphone to order your favorite meal from Foodiplace.


Foodiplace is a contactless food ordering platform that aims to create a safe dining experience. Users simply need to search for their favorite restaurant on their mobile phones or scan the QR code on the tabletop and counters to place their order.


Our platform is built to introduce restaurants to more food enthusiasts. We generate auto-recommendations to our users based on their preferences and locations.


Source for Reliable Reviews Our review section allows users to rate and comment on food and services. They can further post pictures to state their likes and dislikes.


We promote the restaurants by highlighting their specials menu, discount offers, menu, and exclusive events. Our aim is to connect people to food.

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