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Build a website to introduce your business to the world

If your business is not on internet, then your business will be out of business. — Bill Gates

Website Solution

We design and deliver quality e-commerce websites from our in-house platform which is the web builder called “Contentder”.

Our platform comprises a comprehensive integration of features that enable you to expand your trade horizons. Forget about the technical glitches, we provide all-around support allowing you to focus on upscaling your operations.


years of experience in ecommerce






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"This is simply unbelievable! Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. I'd be lost without Free website builder. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results."


Product Manager

Some of the Brands 

Key features

Get all the features that is needed to create, engage and run your online business within one platform.

Edit contents on the fly

Inline Editor

Inline editor to update the contents of the website


Instant image and video gallery

Drag and Drop feature

Design pages with drag and drop modules


Inbuilt digital marketing feature

In-built SEO tools

Rank high in leading search engines with our highly optimized SEO tools.

Campaign manager

Automate social media and email marketing campaigns at your preferred time.

Mass mail

Send mass mail, notices, or newsletters to your target group in one go.

Edit contents on the fly

Inline Editor

Inline editor to update the contents of the website


Instant image and video gallery

Drag and Drop feature

Design pages with drag and drop modules


Ready to build a Website for your business?

Continue your business online with an all-inclusive ecommerce site and start selling again. 

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Your search for feature rich eCommerce platform ends with us

Simple Pricing plans


Specifically targeted towards young tech entrepreneurs to help the business establish itself in the digital space and maximize the chances of getting noticed.

Starting from USD 10/month


Build an online base to introduce your business or brand to the digital crowd. Reach out to more customers to boost sales and increase your business revenue.

Starting from USD 25/month


Keep your audience in the loop with the latest development in your organization, to retain and maintain the trust and brand value of your organization.

Starting from USD 75/month


Do you have special requirements for your custom web and app development? Tell us your specifications and we will deliver them to you.


Want to become our Partner and offer web solutions to your clients?

With our partnership model, you will be able to offer quick and cost effective solutions to your clients. So what are you waiting for? Become our partner and start building eCommerce websites for your clients in no-time.



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