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Opening Doors to a Centralized Cineplex Management system

About Sageflick

Sageflick is an all-powerful theater management system that automates the workflow and operations of a multiplex with much ease.

Consisting of a properly managed web portal and thin client application linked with a centralized web server; SageFlick over and above integrates content management system, ticketing, show administration, food ordering, processing, delivery and payment methods. It engages site visitors, disseminates information about the recent releases, upcoming movies and current shows also in other respects.



Started as simple drag and drop CMS but now evolving in the path of digital transformation of businesses

Started the journey of Contentder 
by Re-engineering a CMS



Formed a company Contentder
Pty Ltd in Australia



Release the beta version



Converted the architecture from
webform to .Net core



Key features

Sageflick comes with the robust features to support theaters in their digital transformation process

Thin Client Management 

With SageFlick, windows app, all the tablet users can be managed on the fly. As a cost efficient and an energy saving alternative, the thin client management with an enhanced data security allows you to add, delete or update any information with regards to ticketing, restaurant, kitchen and so on from any touch points by making your work a lot easier. 


Movie Management

The action never stops like in the movies. Movie management as one of the crucial features ensures successful daily theatre operations by adding or removing movie statistics and also administering the shows, release dates and general movie info. Through a much user-friendlier web and thin-client interface, you can now create and schedule movies, monitor their status and manage them on a few clicks within a single module.

Box Office Management

The SageFlick box office management module is a complete solution that enables you to book and sell tickets, packages and add memberships without any trouble. It simplifies the entire ticketing process, booking, cancellation as well as card information. Not only can you now add, update and delete payment methods, but also monitor sales activity and detailed reports to provide better customer service through a customer’s purchase history.


Restaurant Management

Ensuring the best possible entertainment and in-theatre dining experience up for grabs, the food management feature in Sageflick offers services like managing categories, packages, menu items and refreshment messages. The system cautiously makes sure that foods, beverages and movies go hand in hand the whole time. Letting you add, update and remove new menu items, refreshment ticket messages, food categories and orders; the system additionally gives a special emphasis to distinct packages and set of choices.

Inventory Management

rack and manage all your stock levels across your theaters now with the Sageflick inventory management. Having an all-inclusive solution to your backend operations, you get a comprehensive tracking of all the inventory orders, sales and deliveries. Stock management, stock recorder, stock check out more precisely allows you to create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents. Not just a tool to organize inventory data in the form of spreadsheets, the module also helps you gain a real-time and in-depth view into key supplier, inventory and workplace performance indicators.


Other Features

Enabling your theater to control costs, bring about service excellence, and reduce the risks to gain increased value from the suppliers, Vendor management determines the number of your service providers and establishes a mechanism that best fits your multiplex. Information pertaining to all the vendors can be added, deleted or updated by the administrator within the system. This not only lets you keep an account of your marketer, but also puts all the information at your easy access.

With Sageflick theatre solutions, your real-time reports of all the transactions can either be fetched as a by-product of daily data entry or by means of ad hoc reporting based on the report type and the date selected by the users themselves. Since it is one of the most useful tools in theater management, the reporting functionality comes to embrace a set of modular reports that are enquired for on a regular basis. Adding sales, viewing their particulars like customers’ name, address, contact, address and so on are some of its extra functionalities.

Once you maintain your proper theater settings with Sageflick, there is no any chance of falling back. Not only can you add, update and remove theaters, screens and screen seats; you can also now send a bulk of mails in a single shot to your subscribed users with mass mail option. As an open gateway in digitizing the theaters, the system ensures a fully digital infrastructure with the highest level of integration available in the present market.


Contentder is built to make digital transition smoother, faster and affordable for startups and SMEs. It is super easy even for non-tech people to develop a business web portals with little or no technical knowledge.

Alok Pandey

CTO, Braindigit



Workflow automation puts all your skills into effect by bringing your theater development practice to life through desktops, mobiles and tablets. As a process encompassing many small tasks linking together to achieve desired result, Sageflick syncs both the web and thin-client activities making the work process automated using a centralized web server. Every time you book a ticket or order foods from any touchpoint, the centralized server recognizes the message and automatically sends the request to all the concerned clients.


What could be more fun than a perfect combination of the cuisine and cocktail options inside a movie theater? Yes, to fulfil that fun and excitement of yours here we come with an automated food service. If you are in a mood to order your desired foods and beverages on your own, have it easily done with the windows app on the tablet. Both the options for extensive menus and seat-side service are at your sole fingertips now.


SageFlick holds the capability to cope and perform under an increased or expanding workload likewise functioning well under differing circumstances. In keeping up with your growing needs and requirements, the system maintains its level of performance even when tested by larger operational demands. Not only does it continue to function well with the change in its size or volume so as to meet your needs, but also adapts to such deviations without any alterations in its core functionality.


Not that the offers are only limited to ticketing and food services. With SageFlick schemes of different cards and coupons, your overall theatric experience is certainly going to double up. Amazing it feels to get rewarded for watching your favorite movies, right? Yes, the fun and excitement of enjoying the movies now come with benefits like discount cards and free coupons too. All you have to do is keep watching movies and leave the rest for us. Free tickets definitely are on your way.


SageFlick ticketing solution incorporates real time box office ticketing into online ticketing with one easy-going system to use. When you choose SageFlick, you don’t have to worry about any reasonable alternative ticketing solutions. Up with the show booking, cancellation and basic card info, your tickets are just a few clicks away. Once you make a move with our ticketing system, you won’t look back for sure. So what’s all the wait for? Let the show begin.


With a superb user engagement element integrated in SageFlick, you can now drive your way to make sure everything that’s happening in the theater is as real time as possible. Not just email notifications but for the real time updates, we let you with the real-time push notifications to be directly delivered, regardless of any place, time and mobile, tablet or media device that you’re happen to be using. The real time notification system in SageFlick therefore is without any doubt the biggest game changer in the theater management history.

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