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Braindigit Opens Doors for the Investors in Nepalese Stock Market via Nepse App

The official mobile application of Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has been lauched on iOS and Android recently. The app facilitates an easy dissemination of stock market information to its users promoting investment in the stock market.

Posted on Oct Wed, 2015

WORK LEAVE - To Manage Work & Individual Commitment

Leave is paid or unpaid time off work granted by employers to employees which is much essential for any professionals in order to balance the work and personal life. Everyone has their own personal issues and work restricts it sometimes. Leave is much necessary for the employees but not every organization understands this.

Posted on Aug Mon, 2017

CMS: For Students Who Blog

As a student or a fresh graduate, if you apply for a new job or university, first thing the jury is going to do is look at your online presence. Before they land up on your social media profiles and judge you based on that, how about creating a positive digital image through blogging?

Posted on Nov Thu, 2015