Introducing Contentder: Creation with Ease and without Limits

Posted On Oct 24, 2017
Being part of a project is something we’ve always valued and enjoyed at Braindigit. And working on a project with Contentder was yet another new challenge for us. Yes, it took some time but now we feel a sense of accomplishment.
Contentder debuts its first website builder in association with Braindigit. It provides a powerful solution to build a sophisticated website of all kinds and market it in the digital world, in a fast and easy way.
Contentder empowers not just the tech-savvy coders but any enthusiast willing to establish their digital presence. Whether you are a blogger, an entrepreneur without the technical know-how, a developer or a designer, Contentder offers you the perfect solution to all your needs in creating a successful online journey.
With various amazing templates and complete customization options in Contentder, you can easily create a website. Bonus: it automatically adapts your site for easy access from any device such as smart phones or tablets.
Contentder is modeled not only for web building but also paves a path to successful digital marketing. It comes with various online marketing features like social share, SEO management, latest trends, site analytics and many more features to be released in the future, helping you increase the success rate of your business online.
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Also, give a try to some amazing templates and take your online presence to a whole new level!

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