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Posted On Aug 07, 2017
Let me start with my own story which happened just couple of months before. My friends planned one night two days’ trip to Chitlang (one of the famous tourist destination of Nepal near Kathmandu) and for that, we had to leave Kathmandu at 2:30pm on Friday. Being student of management, most of my friends were Bankers who had half day on Friday so leaving office at 2:30pm was possible for almost everyone.

But, different thing was running in my head as on that same Friday evening, Braindigit conducts All-Hands where all the employees gathered in one place for knowledge sharing and refreshment. Being a Project Management and Operations Coordinator, I was responsible to manage and conduct that program without hassle; and leaving early was not an option for me. 

Not only I, but two other friends were also facing same situation; and when we share such situation to our team, they felt disappointed and even started yelling us! Though, they suggest us to manage for half day on Friday in whatever situation.  

I also personally wanted to go to Chitlang as I had never been there; and more than that I have never been anywhere out with my friends before. But, on the other hand, I was 99.99% sure that I would not be able to manage leaving the office. Still with 0.01% of possibility, I thought, with a lot of courage, ask to HR Manager explaining my situation. And you know what happened? Without any delay, he told “Manage everything before leaving, I will handle the remaining”. This was like a heavenly voice which came directly from the sky. You can imagine how happy and satisfied I felt! I felt my wings, and I was just flying. That day, I really felt that we are still kid by heart.

On the same day, I shared everything about my office to my friends, everyone was happy and those friends who were also thinking of not going because they would not be able to get a half day leave got motivated, and one of them asked his manager, tried to convince him explaining the situation. But unfortunately, his leave request was not approved, and he withdraw his plan to visit Chitlang. Another friend who cleverly took half day leave saying that he is not feeling well.

So, what can we know from all this is that the real life is very complex and we people who work for others are in real difficulty when it comes to managing professional and personal life.

Leave is paid or unpaid time off work granted by employers to employees which is much essential for any professionals in order to balance the work and personal life. Everyone has their own personal issues and work restricts it sometimes. Leave is much necessary for the employees but not every organization understands this. 

When I was working for another private office previously, I faced the similar problems, my leave was not approved when I wanted to stay with my mother for a day as she was operated a day before. This is why, we have to make thousands of fake excuses to get our leave approved which can also be proved by hundreds of blogs which provides us with the easy excuses to get leave from office. But if we get enrolled with the company which is much concerned about the satisfaction of the employees and respects our personal need, just imagine how happy we could be.

At Braindigit, I have never felt any type of restrictions. As, I am also perusing MBA-evening along with my work, I require at least 7 days leave for end-trimester exam in every four months and it’s very easy at Braindigit as Braindigit is not like other private offices where employees are treated like machines and squeezed like a lemon until a single drop is remaining inside it.

Our happiness lies in small things and Braindigit truly identifies and respects it. Here we have the culture to respect every individual, their thoughts, perception and feelings. I agree, we might get more salary or higher position if we work for other companies but the happiness and satisfaction we get from being a part of Braindigit family can be found nowhere else.

By Suvechha Khanal

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