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Posted On May 22, 2017
Learning is the lifelong process of acquiring the knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught. Most people might think workplace is the platform where we demonstrate what we know but Braindigit, a leading IT company of Nepal, has changed this perception, it doesn’t only provide opportunity to show our caliber but more than that, it values the importance of knowledge and acts as the platform for us to explore, acquire new ideas and fulfill our hunger to learn new things. 

You might also have read my previous blog “Searching for a job: Why Not join Braindigit” to know what exactly makes Braindigit so special to join, but Braindigit is more than that. Braindigit understands the fact that people cannot think further if their questions remains unanswered so for our continuous growth, Braindigit creates a platform for us to know the answer for all our questions. Braindigit inspires leadership in us through continuous learning and here are some platforms provided by Braindigit to learn which reaches beyond our pre-acquired knowledge.


If you are not completely ready for job but want to learn then Braindigit can be the best platform for you as you can join Braindigit on an internship basis. This Academic Internship could be helpful to gain the academic degree and acquire valuable work experience so that you could be sure you have quality experiences to list on your resume when you do choose to begin the search for a more permanent career. 

There will be interview for the selection of the candidate for internship and a mentor will be assigned to guide the interns. The duration for this academic internship will be as per academic requirement and it usually lasts for 45 days


If you want to start your career at Braindigit, but have limited experience, Traineeship is a course to grab the work experience and get ready to work. At Braindigit, traineeship is the Professional Internship which has job placement opportunity after its completion.

Hold on, it’s not easy, by going through the selection process for traineeship, you will feel as if you are being elected for a job, and why wouldn’t you feel that as this traineeship is the gateway for the job at Braindigit. Candidates who have passed the selection criteria will be shortlisted and the candidate will be assigned with the mentor and six weeks training will be conducted. There will be weekly evaluation of the candidates on their performance, progress and learning attitude and finally all the scores will be summed up and the trainees will be hired. But in a year, there will be only 4 intakes of traineeship which will be announced through Braindigit website, official Facebook page, Twitter and Linkedin profile, so remain updated.

IDEATION (for innovation)

Imagine, your concept being used to develop an entirely new product in your company. Imagine, your company selling the product which you had initiated. How does it feel? It feels like a dream, right? But at Braindigit it is possible, if you have any type of idea, you could submit those ideas through "Ideation” and the implementable ideas will be implemented to shape up your idea and not only this, the good ideas will also be rewarded.

“Ideation” is the platform Braindigit provides to its employees for capturing and recognizing ideas. Ideas can be for innovative new product or feature enhancement in existing product or any other improvement idea related to process or department. All the ideas submitted through ideation will be evaluated and innovative and feasible ideas will be accepted and presented or shared with all the employees. This doesn’t only inspire the employee to become more creative and innovative and more self-confident but provides opportunity for all the employees to learn from idea generated by others. 


If you think you are capable and creative person but you need some mentorship or even assistance to innovate something new then there is nothing to worry about, as Brainnovation Lab is there for the innovators who are Daring & Determined to Make, Break & Innovate. Brainnovation provides us with resources for our Research and Development (R&D) activities to innovate something New.
Brainnovation Lab of Braindigit offers the research platform to the employees of Braindigit. We can conduct the research activities on new technologies and innovation in the area of our interest and Braindigit will be there for continuous guidance and support.  

Along with this, if we have interest & knowledge in any field, but want a mentorship, Brainnovation Lab will provide us with the mentors, who will advise or train us for R&D and we will be working in team in our interest areas of Innovation. On the other side, if we want to be a mentor and contribute, we can also be a part of Brainnovation Labs as Mentor or a Contributor. So, Brainnovation provides us the opportunity to get benefitted from the both sides.


Braindigit also conducts the knowledge sharing session where the ideas and knowledge of one employee is shared with other employees. The shared knowledge is supposed to create the value, to improve culture, enhance the performance of running project and to develop the individual competency.

Knowledge sharing session will be conducted on weekly basis and it will last for 1 to 2 hours. This session is usually conducted at Braindigit office but in some cases, this session can be conducted outside the office, based on its importance and relevancy. This session does not only focus on developing the soft skills but provides effective training on hard skills. This is why Knowledge sharing session has become an essential platform for the learners.


Braindigit believes teaching and learning process is essential to develop the skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. So, it conducts various types of Training sessions which includes:
  • Development Training
  • Process Training
  • Performance Training
  • Security Training
  • Management Training
  • Soft skills Training

Other than this, it also carries out the workshops on different topics relevant to the employees for their professional and personal development and all of this workshops and training activities are organized by Braindigit in collaboration with the national and international resource persons.

These are only some major examples to prove Braindigit as a platform to learn but in reality, at Braindigit, we learn new things every-day. Working in a team is the motto of Braindigit and we all know that we can always learn something new, when we work together.  Here, we get chance to work on cross-functional teams for different projects and come together not only to make our organization more successful but to become a better-rounded professional. 

So, it’s just like: At Braindigit, we can never stop learning because Braindigit never stops teaching. 

By: Suvechha Khanal

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