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Posted On May 15, 2017
By Suvechha Khanal, Kathmandu

We start our college with certain expectations about what we will do in life. But most of the people after graduation gets skeptic about getting a good job and join any type of company without any future plan and ultima tely, they fail to achieve what they actually deserve in life. So, how can we choose the best job is the major question today of every graduate. Now, if you are computer engineer graduate or IT graduate and want to grow with an established company, Braindigit is for you as a golden gateway for your wonderful and exciting career ahead.
Braindigit IT Solution is ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company w
here the best technical team works to provide the best services in and outside Nepal. Braindigit has been able to establish itself as one of the top IT Companies of Nepal with extensive analytical researches and the best heads working for providing the best solutions to the customers. Internationally reclaimed products of Braindigit are used by thousands of the organizations which has intensively contributed for the growth of their business. Thus, who don’t want to work with such a reputed company where we can lively experience the technical and managerial leadership in the global market.
Believing that great people inspire great products and great products lead to great services, Braindigit develops its own products for complete IT solution. Braindigit is an independent company which does not outsource the services. It works on the .Net and CMS platform and focuses mainly on Automatic Intelligence (AI) to develop the portal based business solution concentrating on mobile development with both Android and IOS. Braindigit quickly adapts the new technologies to fit in the changing environment and believe me, every time we get to face the new things at Braindigit which always gives us the thrilling experience.

Braindigit provides employment opportunities to the hundreds of graduates and whoever work with Braindigit has been much satisfied with the environment Braindigit provides. From coffee and tea machines, cookies to the sports arena-well equipped with sports items, Braindigit proves that it believes, work is not limited to staring at the monitor for hours. Braindigit respects the desire of the employees and conducts many attractive activities for recreation of the employees which may include Friday All-hands, refreshments, different types of celebrations and company outings. 

Working in a Team is another best part of Braindigit where all the team members of a project are equally treated and all give their equal input to create the best out of it, making us feel proud to be the part of that team. Your technical and non-technical skills from leadership to programming are highly valued by Braindigit and Braindigit is completely against “yes sir” culture and it motivates and encourages its employees to bring out their own idea and implement it in their work.

We all work for our stable and secure future and Braindigit truly takes our future seriously. Braindigit provides constructive career development opportunities to employees by routinely assessing your skills, your potential, your strengths and weaknesses and your ability to fulfil your aims and provides hard and soft skills training with proper mentorship for your career progression. Career Path set by Braindigit is a journey, rather than a single one-time decision. Every career path has milestones along the way which makes us feel we going on the right track. Braindigit can lead us to the way where we have always dreamed to be.

 “Ideation” is the platform Braindigit provides to its employees for capturing and recognizing ideas. Ideas can be for innovative new product or feature enhancement in existing product or any other improvement idea related to process or department. The accepted idea would be implemented with the support of Brainnovation lab and the innovators of the idea would also be rewarded. Basically, we can say that we get paid for learning and building our creativity and this is why Braindigit is so special.

Everything seems interesting, right? But wait for a while, I have a more interesting and surprising fact to share, at Braindigit, we don’t feel we are at office rather we feel like we are in college where we learn from our team leaders and our friends. We never notice the clock rotating from 9 to 6 working with our friends, cracking the jokes and laughing. We literally miss office during two days continue holiday i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

Work should be love, passion, commitment and creativity. Braindigit completely supports the fact that if anyone is working in the field where their heart drives, great things can happen. This is the reason Braindigit has proven itself as a platform where people get to do what they love or get to learn what they love. What do you want to be?

  • Quality Analyst
  • Web Designer
  • Bug Finder
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Analyst Programmer
  • Application Developer
  • System Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Hardware Architecture and Network Designer
  • Or anything in the field of IT

Braindigit offers you the multiple opportunities and all of them are given equal importance and value. But hold on, if you are the type of person who wants to work as a freelancer or don’t have patience to commit for long term, you must be clear that Braindigit is not for you. You must be creative, enthusiastic and have a clear career goals with long term vision to join Braindigit and if you are thinking “I am a recent graduate and I am not ready for permanent job” then also Braindigit has best alternatives for you which includes Internship opportunities and lot more which can be read in the next blog “Braindigit: A platform to learn”.


Braindigit treats its employees as its assets and no any field is given more priority than others therefore you can openly choose the field that you are interested in and grab the opportunity to be a part of globally recognized organization. So, what are you waiting for? If you are clear what you want from your life and think Braindigit would be the best platform for you to foster your career goal, send your resume to Braindigit on with your area of interest and you will get a call soon.

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