CMS: Because I hate web designers

Posted On Jan 20, 2017
Confessions of a frustrated client

I hate web designers, with a passion. Seriously, what’s up with the whole “I-am-a designer-so-I-am-cooler” attitude? I know I am not the only one who thinks this way. (Even developers hate them) Anyone who has ever hired a “cool” designer knows what I’m talking about. 

“Oh, I can’t make the fonts bigger or remove the morbidly depressing black background or do anything you want coz it will ruin my design”? What is that even supposed to mean, right? First of all, it’s not supposed to be his design. IT’S MY DESIGN. I’m paying to have it designed. And there isn’t supposed to be only x number of changes I can make. Your website says “Customized designs”. If I’m paying for it, I want it to be how I want it to be because I know my business better than anyone else does. 

I would also appreciate it if designers would just speak to me in a non-condescending language. I don’t see colors in codes or number. Black is black and white is white. It’s not #000000 or #FFFFFF you. 

Even if all the website designers in the world suddenly just vanished this very instance, I wouldn’t bat an eye. Good riddance!

Then who would build your website?

Fear not because YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF now. How cool is that? Thank God for CMS. Now, you can, without a designer’s assistance,

Create a website,

Market it and

Share it with the world

Ever since CMS’s made it big, it has become so much easier to create a website all on your own. For those that are unfamiliar with CMS website builders, they are easy to use tools, at least most of them, that let you create your website ALL BY YOURSELF.

Why CMS?

1.       They are EASY to use and update.
2.       You have CONTROL.
3.       You can CHANGE your design when you want or need to. (Just buy a new        theme or get one for free).
4.       Most of them are FREE.

5.      You can UPGRADE your website easily.
7.       Most of them are good for SEO.
8.       They solve the  Top 3 website challenges

9.       Best of all NO DESIGNERS

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