5 Sure Shot Ways to Grab Your visitors’ Attention IN SECONDS!

Posted On Dec 09, 2015
Did you know?

55% of users spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. (via Charbeat)

Users, as they land onto your website, judge its value in 3 to 5 seconds. The hours and hours of hard work you invest on your website are distilled into a single glance, known as “the blink test”. You are to spark interest in your visitors within this span and if you fail, the repercussions would mean for lost conversion opportunities.

How to make sure your website passes this test? Here’s the quick guide.

1. Create pages that loads in less than a second

A study from Gomez tells that the average online shopper would wait two seconds or less for the website to load and after three seconds, around 40% will leave your website.

The load time of a website increases with images, multimedia and scripts, it is therefore very important to use them prudently. Downsizing high resolution pictures to a viewable size is one way that aids NO quality compromise and slow down of site load time.

You can change the file formats as below for quick image load.

         - Use a GIF: If the image has few colors, like a logo.
         - Use a JPEG: If the image has many colors and details, like photos.
         - Use a PNG:  For high quality, transparent images.

Free tools like Yslow and Page Speed would help test loading time of a site.

2) Use appealing mobile friendly Visual Designs

The number of mobile users have surpassed the desktop in 2014 (via ComScore). Therefore, standout mobile friendly designs with better user experience will always be a plus and memorable. Keep your home page clean with white spaces and do not jam everything there; simply eliminate the unnecessary elements. 

Have a look at Apple’s Macbook in the image. The picture and the texts match perfectly.

          - Do you have tagline that describes your product/brand/service the best? Use it.
          - Captivate people without confusing them, using high quality images that reflects clear message.
          - Only use images that are relevant and remove those that are irrelevant on the site.

3) Start with Headlines conveying clear Messages

The headlines and messages are crisp, and small explanations are conveyed correctly.
According to Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, 8/10 people read a page’s headline, and only 2/10 read the first paragraph.
The audience will not waste time to search for the most important material, they expect it to see right when they land to your page.

         - Create headlines that captures user interest and convey those in simple words that users can conceive.
         - Use meaningful data to represent how vibrantly you are performing.

4) Provide easy navigation and contents that’s easy to consume
Think, where your users would go next after visiting your website and create navigation tabs that’s easy to go along.
Visitors will certainly not read a novel to understand what you are trying to say. Your writing has to be precise and focused on delivering maximum information in few sensible sentences capturing user’s attention.

         - Use user-focused language – “you” and “your” rather than “we” and “us”
         - Speak in the voice that seizures your target persona the best

5) Prove that your site is Credible
Users are very concerned about security flaws. If a reader thinks that the information or your intentions are not noble, s/he will leave your site immediately. So, think how you can gain their trust.

          - Keep it trustworthy by placing User Generated Content such as Customer Reviews and Testimonials
          - Show the privacy trust seals, and detailed privacy policy as shown in the image below

Have you embedded all these key ingredients in your website to hold your visitors' attention? Perform a check. 
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