Mobile App Development Trends 2015: What you need to Know Now

Posted On Oct 15, 2015
“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.” - Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

True that! We are witnessing the biggest change in technology ever – Mobile! It is from the year 2014, when the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop user numbers for the first time in history, as per the report from ComScore, the prediction for upcoming future of mobile is at easy guess. Mobile has already become so much more than just a text messaging center and you are sure to find a mobile savvy person everywhere you look around.

After mobile stopped being the next big thing and turned into THE BIG THING, the mobile app development industry is equally flouncing here. So, what are the swirling trends in the app development world?

1. User Experience First 

The app user experience is more critical than ever. As the in-app advertisements are bombarding, the user experience is even more challenging for which analytics data will be play bigger role to help you get things on track.

2. Cloud Driven

With cloud technology, the mobile apps can be accessed over multiple devices being intact with the same functionality, data and features. This would further help in rapid application development. 

3. App Security 

More than 75 percent applications will fail in basic security test and hackers will continue to exploit this security gaps in application. App security will thus be the biggest challenge on mobile apps development and developers are to act seriously on it.

4. Battle of the wearables market 

The mobile tech has entered the wearables market. Therefore, make no mistake as Apple Watch is just the beginning. It is expected, the wearable devices will be used at enterprise level to improve productivity and efficiency.  And, the app developers will be taking a shift from smartphones to wearable device applications.

5. M-commerce and M-payment 

The sales figure for ecommerce market in 2014 was 19 percent according to eMarket, which was made via smartphones or tablets. In the upcoming years to follow, the trend is sure to move on in a greater speed. Consumers will adapt m-commerce, using m-payment to pay either with Google wallet or Apple Pay, whatever suits them the best.

6. Internet of Things (IoT) 

With more people connecting through multiple devices, the internet of things (IoT) is also growing exponentially. The customer engagement platform based on Beacon technology or Wi-Fi would get a breakthrough to reach more customers at the right time and the right place via apps. If we take a look back at the success stories of Flappy Bird and 2048, they will stand as an inspiration for all app developers to see how far a genuine idea can take you! 

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